Team Youthquake


Fernanda Perez Veyl
Directora General

Catalina Bustos Mendoza
Diseño y Programación

Fernanda Pérez Veyl & Catalina Bustos Mendoza
Dirección Creativa 


Paola Velásquez


Valentina González
Nicolás Cruz
Paola Velásquez
Catalina Bustos
Julio Saavedra
Steph Tetzner
Elisa Alcalde
Gonzalo Wolf
Igor Termenon


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*The Youthquake es un colectivo creativo actualizado diariamente por un grupo de personas encargadas de buscar y escribir sobre moda, arte, música, tendencias, cine, diseño y másPuedes contactarnos a

Youthquake was a 1960s fashion, musical and cultural movement. The term was coined by Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland in 1963.London was the center of this movement. Teenagers dominated the fashion and music scene. The fashion of youthquake was fun, spirited and youthful – miniskirts and jumpsuits. Poster girls of the youthquakers such as Jean ShrimptonTwiggyPenelope TreeVeruschka, and Edie Sedgwick were often on the cover of fashion magazines such as Vogue.

Mary Quant and Betsey Johnson were named as some of the fashion designers at the helm of the youthquake movement. Andy Warhol and his muses were also seen as part of the youthquake movement (…)

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